1-day Bandung Trip Package

Below is the most popular 1-day Bandung trip package:

North Bandung Trip Package:

  • Pick up the guests from the hotel in downtown Bandung or Bandung airport or Bandung railway station. Proceed to Tangkuban Perahu volcano.
  • Tangkuban Perahu volcano.
    Our Bandung trip will begin right here at the volcano. Being the most popular tourist destination in Bandung, this place is usually crowded on national holidays and weekends. Be prepared to bring umbrellas, sunglasses, sun block, jacket, and last but not least, your camera. Located around 30 kilometers at north Bandung, we can reach this place within 1 hour drive from the city of Bandung. This volcano offers you beautiful, natural scenery, which is often the object of photographers for many years. For those who love shopping, you can also start your shopping spree here where you can find many products at bargaining price. You can get many kinds of souvenirs (t-shirts, key chains, fridge magnet) and other local products in this place.
  • Sari Ater hot spring resort

The next stop after the volcano is the hot spring resort which can be reached within 30 minutes driving from the volcano. This is the perfect place where you can relax and try soaking your feet in the hot sulfuric water (around 40 degrees Celsius) or you can also have some massage from the locals.

  • Tea plantation (photo stop)

After relaxing at the hot spring, we will stop by at the tea plantation nearby to have some pictures taken.

  • Floating Market

The next place after visiting the tea plantation is the floating market. This is the place which is considered very family friendly and suitable for all ages, from babies to senior citizens. You can let your kids drive the toy car all around the market or let them feed the geese or play at the rabbit farm. You can also try a wide variety of traditional cuisine here at very affordable price. Don’t forget to exchange the entrance tickets with free local drinks here.

  • Shopping at Fashion World and Mode House Factory Outlet

Your 1-day Bandung trip wouldn’t be complete without visiting the factory outlets in northern part of Bandung.  Being the most popular factory outlet among the local and foreign tourists, the visit to Mode House is a must-visit factory outlet in the city of Bandung. Here you can not only shop for clothing, bags, and shoes, but you can also try local cuisines at the food court within the area.
Open every day from 9 am to 9 pm, including on national holidays such as Hari Raya, Christmas, and New Year, this place is almost always crowded each day, especially on weekends and public holidays.

  • Dinner at forest-look-alike café
    At the end of your trip we will bring you for dinner at forest-look-alike café which is also considered as the best and most unique café, not only in Bandung, but in Indonesia. This is the place where you can dine in whilst trying the local cuisine in the middle of forest-look-alike environment with cool fresh air. If you’re looking for a romantic evening with your partner or friends and family, then this is the perfect place to be.

South Bandung Trip Package:

  • Pick up from the hotel in Bandung area and proceed to The White Crater in the southern Bandung.
  • White Crater
    White Crater or Kawah Putih is known as the second most famous volcano in Bandung. Located at around 50 kilometers at southern Bandung, this place can be reached within 2.5 hours of driving from the city of Bandung within normal traffic. This place is also one of the most favorite photography objects among the nature lovers, thanks to its beautiful natural scenery.
  • Deer Reservation

If you happen to be at White Crater area, spare some time to visit the deer reservation center which is located very close to the crater. Here you can see how deer live in their natural environment. Visitors can also feed them or take some pictures with the deer.

  • Tea Plantation

For those who do not have a chance to visit the northern part of Bandung and miss out the visit to the tea plantation, then you can take some lovely pictures here or simply enjoy the natural beauty at the tea plantation at southern Bandung.

At the end of your trip you will visit one of the most famous shopping streets in Bandung where you can find lots of factory outlets selling many types of clothing at affordable prices.



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