Bandung Shopping Tour

Bandung Shopping Tour

Bandung, the capital of West Java, has long been known as one of the most popular shopping destinations in Indonesia. Bandung Trip is pleased to inform you some of the very best shopping locations in the city of Bandung.

Located around 180 kilometers southeast Jakarta, Bandung has attracted many visitors almost every day, especially on long weekends and holiday seasons. There are so many places to go shopping to in Bandung, but not many people are aware which ones are the best ones if you’re looking for branded items or good quality items with reasonable price and where you should go to if you’re on tight budget.

Bandung Shopping Tour in Factory Outlets

Most people prefer going to factory outlets for shopping rather than to shopping malls nowadays, especially when they’re looking for clothing, shoes, and other fashion stuffs. However with so many factory outlets in Bandung, it’s nearly impossible to visit all those stores within just a few days. Therefore the question would be ‘which ones should I go to?’ or ‘which ones are suitable for budget travelers like me?’ You can check our Bandung shopping tips for more information regarding these questions.

If you have limited time in Bandung, then you can spare some time to go to Riau street where you can find lots of factory outlets, all within walking distance. Another popular factory outlet area would be Dago street where you can also find many other factory outlets scattered along the street.

Bandung Shopping Tour in Open Market

If you are a budget traveller or would love to test your bargaining skills with the locals, then you should try shopping in the open market. There are several good places where you can go to, such as Pasar Baru where you can find hundreds of sellers of various items. Here you can find almost any products at much lower prices compared to those at factory outlets and shopping malls. If you’re interested in visiting Pasar Baru, make sure that you come here between 9 am and 5 pm as this place is closed at 5 pm.

Another popular place for shopping in Bandung is Cibaduyut which is also known as Bandung’s largest shoes shopping area. This is the perfect place if you’re looking for sandals or shoes. You can find thousands of products of many different styles sold here at discounted prices.

If you happen to be in Bandung on Sunday, you might also be interested in visiting Gasibu Sunday market where you can find many different products sold here, starting from fashion items (clothing, hats, shoes, sandals), street food, plants, souvenirs, pets, fruit and vegetables, to household appliances.

Other place you can go to would be Cihampelas street where you can also find street vendors selling fashion goods and street food along the road.

However if you’re into antique goods or arts, then you should spare some time to go to Braga street where you can find many vendors selling paintings, collectibles, and arts.

Bandung Shopping Tour in Malls

Despite the fact that most travelers prefer going to factory outlets for shopping, there are still some people who’d prefer to go shopping to the shopping centers (malls). If you have extra budget for shopping, then going to shopping malls could be your choice, too. Most of the products sold here are original, branded items. Sometimes if you’re lucky, you can also find some outlets selling their products at discounted prices, such as ‘buy 1 get 1 free’ or ‘up to 70% discount’. In this case, the price could be even cheaper than those sold at factory outlets.

Some of the most popular shopping centers in Bandung are Paris van Java, Trans Studio Mall, Cihampelas Walk, Bandung Indah Plaza, and the newly opened Paskal 23.

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