Planning to take Bandung tour but still not sure about which places to visit or what to do here? Or, you are coming in large group and not sure what type of accommodation and transportation would suit you best? Or, you are a solo traveler who only has limited time but still would love to explore the beauty of Bandung? Do not worry. Simply leave everything to us and you can enjoy the most memorable vacation in the capital of West Java.

The city of Bandung has so many nice things to offer that you might find it a bit difficult to organize your trip here. We are here to help you plan your holiday in Bandung that could save you a lot of your time and money. Before you select which tour package is the most suitable for you, below are some questions that could help you make decision:

  • First and most important question, how many days would you like to stay in Bandung?
  • How are you going to come to Bandung, is it by plane or train? If you’re coming by plane, is your arrival and departure from Jakarta or Bandung airport? Any flight details?
  • How many persons in total are there? Any kids, how old are they? Any senior citizens?
  • Regarding meals, do you take everything or are you a vegetarian?
  • What kind of activities and places do you prefer? Do you prefer sightseeing to shopping? Or do you prefer adventurous activities to simple activities?
  • What type of accommodation do you prefer, is it a 3-star or 4-star or even 5-star hotel?
  • Any specific places that you’d like to include into the itinerary?

All the above questions might help us easier to find the best Bandung tour package that suits you best. It is due to the fact that we organize private tours only that one group might have different preference to other different groups. Also as it is private tour, the more people you have within your group, the lower the tour price is for per person. However please not to worry if you are a solo traveler as we do have special tour packages for this particular group at very competitive price.

Below are some of our most popular Bandung tour packages:

  1. Bandung Volcano Tour

Having only a short visit in Bandung yet very interested in going to a nearby volcano? You do not have to worry about time limitation as we also have 1-day tour packages that include the visit to the volcano in Bandung area. For those who have more flexible time in Bandung, please feel free to choose our volcano tours starting from 1-day tour to 5-day tour packages.

  1. Bandung Golf Tour

This golf tour brings you to the most famous golf courses in Bandung city.

  1. Bandung Sightseeing Tour

This Bandung tour package brings you to the best natural beauty of Bandung. You can also include the visit to Puncak area which is located between Bandung and Jakarta. The most popular program is 5D4N Bandung Puncak Trip.

  1. Bandung Shopping Tour

You can choose whether to take 1-day, 2-day, 3-day, or even 4-day Bandung shopping tour.

  1. Bandung Adventure Tour

This Bandung adventure tour is suitable for those who are looking for adventurous activities such as rafting, hiking, flying fox, and trekking which are physically more challenging and fun. This tour package is only available for large group (consisting of at least 6 persons).

  1. Bandung Special Tour

This special tour package includes student or company staff group tour which prefers to have special activities within the group such as team building games or more educative programs.

  1. Bandung Honeymoon Tour

Last but not least, this honeymoon tour package is specialized for those having special romantic time in Bandung. This package includes sightseeing, volcano tour, some shopping activities, romantic dinner time, and the visit to spa and massage center.

As we organize private, customized tour packages, you can also mix the above tour programs. Simply let us know the kind of activities you would like to include within the itinerary and we would be pleased to present you our customized tour itinerary based on your flight timetable and personal preferences.

Bandung Tour Package

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