Bandung Tour Package 2019

Planning to have Bandung Tour Package in 2017 with  a shopping trip to Bandung in the near future?

Below is the most popular 4D3N Bandung shopping trip itinerary:

Day 1:

  • Pick up from Bandung airport or railway station, meet and greet with our representative.
  • Forest-look-alike café
    Here is the place where you can have a truly different dining experience amidst the ‘forest’ with cool weather. Enjoy the relaxing traditional West Javanese ‘kampong’ atmosphere and hospitality of the locals while enjoying your lunch.
  • Shopping at Fashion World and Mode House
    These are the places where you can start your shopping adventure.
  • Shopping at Polo RL, Nike Factory Outlet, and Level Factory Outlet
    Next we will bring you to Polo RL official outlet and Nike Factory Outlet which sell only original branded items, and you can find local products sold at affordable price at Level FO.
  • Check into the hotel

Day 2:

  • Pasar Baru Trade Center
    After breakfast at the hotel we will bring you to Pasar Baru Trade Center where you can practice your bargaining skill. This is considered the busiest shopping center in the city of Bandung as well as the most popular shopping place among the domestic and foreign visitors.
  • Bandung’s largest shoes shopping area
    The next place that you’re going to visit is Bandung’s largest shoes shopping area which is also known as the largest and the most well-known shoes shopping district in Indonesia. Located in the southern part of Bandung, this is the perfect place where you can find a wide variety of shoes and sandals, leather and non-leather.
  • Denim shopping street
    If you’re looking for denim (jeans) clothing, then you should go to this denim shopping street where you can find lots of denim clothing of many different types and models at very affordable price.
  • Cihampelas Walk
    Also known as Ciwalk, this is the place where people would go for shopping while spending their evening as well as taking pictures inside the nicely decorated area.
  • Transfer to the hotel

Day 3:

  • North factory outlet street
    Your first Bandung shopping trip for today would be the north factory outlet street where you can stroll along the street full of factory outlets, all within walking distance one to another.
  • Trans Studio Mall
    Trans Studio Mall would give you a totally different experience of shopping which provides high-end products. This is also the place where you can have some lunch at a local food court which provides many kinds of local cuisine or at any restaurant inside the mall area. This is also the place where people would go for the largest indoor theme park in Indonesia.
  • Paris van Java
    This is another place where people would go for shopping as well as dining in at one of the so many restaurants inside the area.
  • Massage or Spa
    If you feel a bit tired of walking from one store to another for these 3 full days, then it is time for you to pamper yourselves in a massage or spa center before going for dinner.
  • Dinner on top of Bandung hill
    Your Bandung trip wouldn’t be enough without visiting one of the famous cafes located on the highland of Bandung where you can have dinner while enjoying the Bandung city’s night view.
  • Transfer to the hotel

Day 4:

  • Bandung’s largest cake shop
    Before heading to the airport or railway station, you will have another shopping time at Bandung’s largest cake shop where you can find the famous layer cake and brownies as well as other types of cakes and snacks.
  • Transfer to Bandung airport or railway station.

4D3N Bandung Shopping Trip

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