1-Day Kawah Putih Bandung Volcano Tour Indonesia

1-Day Kawah Putih Bandung Volcano Tour 

Interested in visiting the volcanoes in Bandung? Bandung Trip offers you not only north Bandung volcano tour, but also south volcano tour. And you need at least 2 full days to visit both of these two volcanoes. It is because these two volcanoes are located very far each other. Unlike the north volcano which you can reach within just 1 hour, you need at least 2 hours (one way) to reach the other volcano in the southern area. However with all the natural beauty surrounding the area, the seemingly long 2-hour travel distance is truly worth a trip.

Below is the Kawah Putih Bandung volcano tour for 1 day:

  • Pick up from Bandung railway station or airport or hotel
  • Kawah Putih or White Crater
  • Ranca Upas deer reservation
  • Tea plantation (photo stop)
  • Glamping Lake Side
  • Lunch at a nearby restaurant
  • Shopping at factory outlets on Riau street
  • Drop off at the hotel in Bandung or railway station or airport

FAQs for 1-day Kawah Putih Bandung Volcano Tour

Q: What time does the tour start, or, what time should we leave the hotel?
A: As it takes around 2 to 2.5 hours (one way, within normal traffic) to reach the volcano, we’d strongly advise that you leave the hotel not later than 8 am. However if your travel period happens to be on holiday seasons, such as long weekends or Christmas and New Year, it’d be better to leave the hotel even earlier than 8 am to avoid the crowd.

Q: How long can we stay in the volcano area?
A: Due to the strong sulfur concentrate in the air, all visitors are recommended not to stay for more than 30 minutes within the area. However if you feel unwell even before 30 minutes, you’d better leave the area immediately. Precautions should be taken for those having asthma or any lung problems.

Q: Can we swim in the lake in Kawah Putih?
A: No one is allowed to swim in the lake nor even touch the water as the water is very acidic.

Q: Is there anything we should bring to Kawah Putih?
A: Due to the cool temperature within the area, we’d recommend that you bring sweater or jacket, especially if there are kids and/or senior citizens within your group. And don’t forget to bring masks to protect you from the strong sulfuric smell.

Q: When would be the best time to visit Kawah Putih?
A: The best time would be during the weekdays. However if you plan to come to Bandung on the weekends or any holiday season, make sure that you leave your hotel early in the morning.

Q: How long does the whole Bandung volcano day tour last?
A: Just like any other Bandung tour packages that we have, the Bandung volcano day tour also lasts for 12 hours within a day. So if we pick you up at 8 am, you’ll reach your hotel at 8 pm at the end of the tour.

Bandung Volcano Day tour Indonesia


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