Bandung Weather


What is Bandung weather like? Does it rain a lot in Bandung? Is Bandung hot or windy? When is the best time to come to Bandung? These are all the questions that most travelers ask before they come to Bandung. Actually the weather in Bandung is quite nice. Although it is a bit humid, but the temperature is a lot cooler compared to other big cities in Indonesia. The temperature in Bandung is around 20 degrees or even les in northern area.

The rainy seasons fall around end of the year till April. So if your Bandung tour package happens to fall on this period of time, you’d better bring raincoats and umbrellas. Also, if you plan to stay in one of the hotels at the northern part of the city, it would be very wise if you also bring extra thick clothing such as the winter jacket as the temperature at northern areas can drop to around 5 degrees at night time. This is especially necessary if you plan to go camping near the volcano in Bandung.

This is also the same case if you plan to stay at any hotel at the southern part of Bandung where the temperature is also as cold as in the northern area.

However the temperature and weather in Bandung is quite different if you are traveling during the summer time, which is in between April and October when it is warmer including in the northern and southern part of the city, so you do not need to bring the winter jackets.  It is also a perfect time if you plan to have some Bandung golf package in the summer.

For those who are into water rafting, it would be best to come during the rainy season as you can only go for rafting if there is enough water in the rivers. However some of you might ask, if you are coming in the rainy season, wouldn’t it be troublesome if you go rafting while raining? Actually as it rains mostly in the afternoon and in the evening while it is very bright in the morning, you can still go for any water sport or do any outdoor activities if you leave the hotel early in the morning, so when it does rain in the afternoon or evening, you will be doing some indoor activities such as shopping or having some massage.

The weather in Bandung is not unpredictable. However we can still enjoy our time in Bandung if you plan for your trip to Bandung wisely. Indonesia is located at the equator, however as Bandung is located on 768 meters above sea level, the temperature is not as hot as in many other big cities in Indonesia.  The city is still considered cooler even in summer time.

So the next time you are planning your holiday in the city of Bandung, make sure that you know the weather in Bandung and prepare everything that you must bring here before you go for your Bandung trip.


















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