Central Bandung Shopping

Best Central Bandung Shopping Places

Bandung as one of shopping destinations in Indonesia has so many places you can visit for shopping. If you join the 4D3N Bandung shopping tour or 4D3N Bandung  Sightseeing Tour, then you can definitely have a chance to visit these places. Below are the most popular places for shopping in central Bandung that could be your interest:

Pasar Baru Trade Center

Pasar Baru Trade Center is the largest and the most visited shopping place in Bandung. Therefore it has been one of the most popular attractions in Bandung for many years. Many domestic and foreign visitors have made this place a prominent shopping destination in Indonesia. So if you are planning a trip to Bandung, make sure that you also visit this spectacular place.

What to Find at Pasar Baru

Some of you might wonder about what to find inside Pasar Baru? Basically we can find almost everything inside, starting from snacks, all kinds of clothing, jeans, toys, shoes and sandals, jewelry, home décor, lots of beautiful fabrics, batik, cosmetics, veils, all kinds of bags (lady’s bag, traveling bag, backpack) and many more at affordable price. If you intend to buy snacks in Bandung, then Pasar Baru is the best place where you can get many kinds of snacks.

Tips to Shop at Pasar Baru Bandung

  • Make sure that you bargain everything you want to buy at Pasar Baru. Unless you see a huge price tag, then it means that it is already fixed price. And if you want to buy snacks, make sure that you get some free tester first before you choose what you want to buy. Also, you can definitely get cheaper price if you buy at lot.
  • To avoid any unwanted incident (such as pickpockets), put your bags and belongings in front of your body.
  • Some of the goods which you can’t bargain are drinks and heavy meals at the food court area.

Shopping at Braga Street, Bandung

Braga Street which is located at central Bandung is another shopping destination that you can’t miss when traveling to Bandung. As one of the historical places in Bandung, you can find many cafes and shops which have been there for decades since the Dutch colonialism era.

This street which is located not far from Pasar Baru Trade Center can be reached within less than 5-minute drive.

What to Find on Braga Street

If you are looking for nice paintings, then you should definitely include your Bandung shopping trip to this place. Also, if you’d like to know what it’s like to be in an old Dutch’s coffee shop or try some cakes made of the Dutch recipe, then you must come here.

And for those who like to collect old and unique items, you can also find what you’re looking for in one of the antique stores here. If any of you would like to see some live music performance in a pub or bar, then you should also come to this street. There are also some good hotels on this street which you can choose, such as Aston Braga and Gino Feruci Hotel (4-star hotel) or Fave Hotel Braga (2-star hotel).



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