Factory Outlet Bandung

There are so many good factory outlets you can go to in Bandung. Most factory outlets are located in the city center. Some of the famous ones are Bali Heaven, Paradise, and For Men factory outlet. Below are some tips if you plan to include the visit to the factory outlets within your Bandung trip package:

You cannot bargain if you go shopping at a factory outlet. So sometimes you need to compare prices before you decide to buy anything at a factory outlet. It is because sometimes you can find the very same item sold at much cheaper price at a neighboring factory outlet. So beware.

It would be best to visit the factory outlets on weekdays instead of on the weekends. It is because most factory outlets are very crowded and full of local tourists on every weekend and holiday season. If it is not possible for you to come to Bandung on the weekdays, then the best time to go for shopping would be in the early morning, at around 9 am when it is newly open, before the local tourists come at around 10 am or so.

Most factory outlets in Bandung accepts major credit cards so you don’t need to worry if you run out of cash and you have no time to rush to a nearby money changer.  Also, it would be wise to try everything first before you decide to buy anything as most stores in the city of Bandung do not have refund policy at all.

With so many factory outlets in the city, there is no way that you will have time to visit all. So below are the most popular factory outlets you can visit in Bandung:

  • Rumah Mode
    Rumah Mode is the most popular factory outlet in the city. Located on Setiabudi street, it is the must-visit shopping place if you intend to go for shopping in Bandung. However what if your friends are not so into shopping? Is there still anything to do rather than shopping here at Rumah Mode? Don’t worry. Here you can also find a food court which serves both traditional food and Western food. You can also go to a bakery where you can buy some cakes or bread. Or, you can also try some traditional crackers sold at the very same complex. If it is still not enough, you can also have some massage or reflexology on the second floor while waiting for your shopping spree inside Rumah Mode.
  • Donatello
    Donatello is a very famous shoes outlet located on Dago Street. This is the place if you want to go for shoes shopping. Here you can find ladies’, children’s and men’s shoes, but not sport shoes.
  • Terminal Tas
    It is the only factory outlet in Bandung where you would go if you want to get some bags, such as ladies’ bags, traveling bags, and school bags. Located on Riau Street, this place is open from 10 am to 9 pm every day.

Your holiday in Bandung wouldn’t be enough if you don’t go for shopping in some of the factory outlets in Bandung and let us be your Bandung trip planner.