Flight to Bandung

There are so many flights you can choose to fly to Bandung. When most Bandung trip planner does not include your flight tickets, then it is time for you to choose your own flight to Bandung. So what is the most recommended flight to Bandung then? There are so many choices, from the popular AirAsia, Malindo Air, to Silk Air if you fly from Singapore to Bandung.

How long does it take to fly to Bandung from Singapore? Roughly it takes around 90 minutes to 2 hours to fly from Singapore to Bandung. And it takes around 2 hours if you fly from KL to Bandung. However if you plan to go to Bali first before coming to Bandung, then it will take exactly 90 minutes to fly to Bandung from the island of Bali. If you fly from Bali to Bandung, there are even more flights you can choose, such as City Link, Garuda, Wings Air, Lion Air, Air Asia, and many more.

Is it also possible to fly to Bandung from Medan or Yogyakarta or from Surabaya? Yes, if you plan to come to one of those cities first before coming to Bandung, there are many direct flights that you can choose to fly to Bandung. However there is no direct flight from Penang to Bandung, and so you will have to fly to Jakarta first and continue traveling to Bandung by a shuttle bus or train to reach here. It is also the same case if you come from Kuching.

flight to Bandung

flight to Bandung

Another question that you might ask is whether to book the flight to Bandung through your tour and travel Bandung company or you book yourself. For the sake of efficiency, it would be highly recommended that you book your flight to Bandung yourself, and  not by the travel company in Bandung, especially if you are traveling within small group of people (less than 50 persons). It is because the flight ticket price is the same whether you book from the travel agency or direct by yourself via online reservation if you have small group only, let alone if there are only 2 persons in total.

Then some of you might ask again if it would be better if you take morning flight or afternoon flight. If you take the morning flight, you will have more chances to explore the city of Bandung on day 1 rather than if you take the afternoon flight. It is due to the reason that if you take the afternoon flight, it’s very likely that you will arrive in Bandung at around 3 pm to 3:30 pm when most roads are already quite crowded and most tourism objects are almost closed. So the only activities if you take the afternoon flight would be shopping and have some dinner. So if you could choose, it would be better if you take the morning flight to Bandung.

There are so many things you can do here in Bandung, so let us be your best Bandung trip planner.