jakarta to bandung

Jakarta to Bandung

How far is it from Jakarta to Bandung? What is the best way to travel between Jakarta and Bandung? Shall I go to Jakarta first and then go to Bandung? Is 4 days enough to join Jakarta-Bandung tour? These are the most popular questions that tourists ask before they come to Bandung. Well, let us answer all these questions and at the end of this post you will know the best answers to all these questions.

Jakarta to Bandung Travel

Actually Bandung is located only around 180 kilometers at south west part of Jakarta, and theoretically you can drive to Bandung from Jakarta of vice versa around 2 hours. However in practice everything is so much different from the theory. Within normal traffic you can reach Bandung within 3.5 hours driving, presumably there is no horrible traffic jam in both cities. However it can take so much longer if you drive from Jakarta to Bandung within high season or long weekend period which can take up to 20 hours of driving as what happened back then on Christmas Eve 2015 which was the most horrible traffic jam that has ever happened throughout the Indonesia’s history. So what should you do if you really have to travel to Bandung from Jakarta during high season? Well, the best way to travel from Jakarta to Bandung would be by train. However, please make sure that you have booked the train ticket first as many people also prefer traveling to Bandung from Jakarta during holiday season.

Alternatively you can also travel by a shuttle bus. But be prepared to face long traffic jam both in Jakarta and in Bandung which consequently can take up to 5 to 6 hours of travel time. This is totally not recommended if you are traveling with senior citizens or small children.

Nowadays the airline tickets provide much cheaper ticket price to fly from Singapore to Jakarta than to Singapore to Bandung, which makes many travelers fly to Jakarta first and then go to Bandung, thinking that it will take a couple of hours to reach Bandung. However all those misleading websites and blogs telling you that it takes only  hours to go to Bandung from Jakarta really should take all the blame.

The only time when it takes only 2 hours to drive to Bandung from Jakarta is during fasting month or if you drive very early in the morning, say at 2 am, when most people are still asleep.

So if you’re thinking to come to Bandung from Jakarta, think again! Are you ready to get stuck in a traffic jam? Do you mind being trapped in hours of traffic jam? Are you traveling with senior people and children? Do you mind wasting your 4-day Bandung trip package on the street only?

Be wise! Traveling should be fun and relaxing. It’s not worth your money if you have to suffer on the street just because of getting stuck in a traffic jam. Your Bandung trip wouldn’t be worth it if you can’t enjoy your holiday in Bandung.

jakarta to bandung