Nightlife in Bandung

Planning to have a trip to Bandung in the near future and still thinking of the best Bandung tour itinerary? Some travelers who are day travelers don’t mind going to bed at night time and ready to start the tour again in the following morning. However what about the night travelers? Most of them prefer to explore the city after the sun sets and ready to go for some more adventurous trips. Read on, and below you can get an insight of what you can do at night in the city of Bandung.

What is nightlife in Bandung like? Is there anything special at night that I should visit, like a night market or something? Can I go shopping after 10 pm? Nightlife in Bandung is considered very quiet. If you really want to roam at night time in Bandung, then you can go to the vegetable markets which are open 24 hours a day. Just be prepared to wear boots and masks as the place is very dirty and not tourist friendly. However if you are truly adventurous, please go ahead. The popular vegetable wet markets are Ciroyom, Caringin, and Andir. These are the places where you can find lots kinds of vegetables and fruits at very affordable prices.

Another place that you can go at night time in Bandung is definitely the bar and pub. The best place to go would be to go to Braga Street where you can watch live music and drink at the same time. There are so many places to go at Braga Street where you can find alcoholic drinks. Another recommended place is the go to Cihampelas Street where you can find a shopping mall where you can find a night club inside. Most bars and clubs are closed at around 3 am and they are not allowed to be open until sunrise. So you can find a taxi pretty easily at around the clubs if you’re ready to go back to your hotel. You can also find karaoke and  bars which are still open until wee hours at Paris van Java shopping mall at Sukajadi street at northern part of Bandung.

Still not enough? Then you can go to northern part of the city of Bandung. If you drive past the Tangkuban Perahu volcano, then you will arrive at a hot spring resort which is open for 24 hours and very popular among the tourists and expatriates working in Bandung. It takes around 90 minutes of driving from downtown Bandung to the hot spring resort. At this place you can also find massage service that can give full body massage at very affordable price.

The city of Bandung is truly magical and magnificent. It is very bustling at day times and seems very quiet at night times. Not many people are aware of the activities of night life in Bandung. However we would be pleased to show you the other side of Bandung’s night life if you just let us plan for your Bandung trip.

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