Northern Bandung Shopping

North Bandung Shopping Paradise

If you plan to have a Bandung shopping trip at the factory outlets, then you should go to the north Bandung where most big and famous factory outlets are located. Therefore it would be better if you also choose your hotel in the northern area, and best if your hotel is within walking distance to the factory outlets. Below are some of the interesting shopping places you can find in northern area of Bandung:

Mode House Bandung Factory Outlet

Shopping at Mode House Bandung is a must for most Jakarta people who come to Bandung every weekend. They start coming to this place in the morning when it’s open at 9 am. This factory outlet is almost always crowded every weekend and on national holidays. Even traffic jam has begun even from 2 to 3 kilometers approaching this area on national holidays. That’s why the best time to come here would be in the morning, around 9 am, when it’s just open for public. Mode House factory outlet is located on Setiabudi Street, Bandung. Mode House is considered the most popular factory outlet in the city of Bandung. Beside clothing, we can also find bread shop and food court within the area.

Fashion World Bandung Outlet on Setiabudi Street

Another Bandung shopping outlet that you can visit is Fashion World which is located within walking distance from Mode House on Setiabudi Street. Unlike Mode House, this place is not crowded at all. Sometimes we can find similar outfit sold at Fashion World is also available at Mode House.

Level Shopping Outlet on Dago Street Bandung

Being in the same management as Fashion World Factory Outlet on Setiabudi Street, almost all products sold at Level Shopping Outlet are also available at Fashion World. So if you are closer to Dago Street than to Setiabudi Street, you can come here instead.

Shopping Outlets on Riau Street Bandung

Riau Street is popular as the largest shopping paradise in Bandung. Here we can find a lot of factory outlets within walking distance. So if you have no time going to Setiabudi or Dago Strreet, you can simply ask your tour agency to include your Bandung shopping trip here. You need at least 3 hours to visit all the factory outlets located here. Some of the popular ones are The Secret factory outlet, Heritage, Cascade, and many more.

Going shopping on Riau Street, Bandung, is also very convenient as there are lots of convenient stores and a money changer, a big supermarket, lots of food courts, several restaurants which serve local food. All factory outlets on Riau Street are open at 9 am and closed at 9 pm. And the best time to come here would be on weekdays, or morning time for weekends and national holidays. Some people might ask if they are also open on special occasions such as Hari Raya, or Fasting month, or Christmas and New Year. Don’t worry. All these factory outlets are open 365 days a year, meaning, they are never closed.

So … happy shopping in Bandung!



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