Ranca Upas Ciwidey

Ranca Upas at Ciwidey is located very close to the White Crater at the southern part of Bandung. You can reach this place by driving within less than 5 minutes from the White Crater. Ranca Upas is one of the most well-known tourist attractions in southern Bandung beside White Crater. You can find almost everything you like at this area. Below are the attractions you can find here:



Camping Ground at Ranca Upas Ciwidey

If you like camping, then you must consider going to Ranca Upas at Ciwidey and feel the different sensation of camping at southern Bandung. Camping ground at Ranca Upas, Ciwidey, is one of the most recommended camping area in Bandung due to its cool weather (the temperature is around 16 to 20 degrees Celsius at day time and can hit below zero at night) and very nice natural scenery. Therefore don’t forget to equip yourselves with thick jackets if you decide to camp in this area.

Outbound Facilities at Ranca Upas Ciwidey

If you want to do some outbound activities such as flying fox and paint ball, then you must also come to Ranca Upas. This is a perfect place especially if you come in large group consisting of at least 10 persons or more and you can join the team building activity as well.

Deer Reservation at Ranca Upas

For those who have no idea how the deer reservation is and how they live in their natural habitat, then you must come to Ranca Upas. This is the place where we can find deer in many different sizes live naturally in the nature. Here you can also feed the deer or simply take some lovely pictures with this cute animals.

Children Playground and Swimming Pool

There is also children playground and swimming pool at Ranca Upas suitable for all your family members. The water is warm, perfect to soak in the cool weather.

So if you happen to come to southern Bandung or plan to go to the White Crater, you can also visit Ranca Upas at Ciwidey to enjoy another different natural beauty with fresh air, free from the sulfur smell.

If you are not interested in staying in the busy downtown Bandung, you can also consider staying here as there are quite a lot of choices for nice accommodations with complete facilities at very affordable rate. Most people who like staying here are Jakarta people who want to escape their routines in Jakarta and would love to stay in a quiet place with cooling air and nice natural surroundings.

Ranca Upas in Ciwidey is a perfect place for you if you love beautiful nature and cool weather as well as staying in a quiet place. Here you can also try local traditional food and drinks at affordable prices. As it is very cold at night, it would be better than  you also bring sweater or jacket if you plan to stay in this area. If you are thinking of coming to the city of Bandung in the near future with your family or friends, don’t hesitate to let us plan for your Bandung trip itinerary.