Southern Bandung Shopping

Southern Bandung Shopping Places

As the city of shopping paradise, Bandung also has quite a number of shopping places in the southern part. Some of the famous ones are Cibaduyut Shoes shopping district and Trans Studio Mall.

Shopping at Cibaduyut Bandung

Cibaduyut Street at southern Bandung is popular as the largest shoes shopping district in Indonesia and has become one of Bandung attractions for decades. You can find many kinds shoes of many models, sizes and prices sold here. Cibaduyut is actually the name of the street where many shoes stores are located. Most of these shoes are the products of home industry which are also located right at the back of all these shoes stores. How is the price here? You can bargain the price of the shoes at smaller stores, however most larger stores have fixed price only. Just make sure that you try the shoes or sandals first before buying them. Most stores here are open from 9 am to 9 pm.

For those who would like to buy leather shoes and jackets, you can also find these special products at this area at very affordable price.

Shopping at Trans Studio Mall Bandung

If you come to Bandung with children, make sure that you include your Bandung trip with a time to visit Tans Studio Mall. This mall which is located on Gatot Subroto Street Bandung is considered the largest shopping mall in Bandung. Most products which are sold here are high-end products and original branded products. Just like in most shopping centers, you can also find a supermarket, cinema, lots of restaurants, and a food court within the building.

What makes Trans Studio special is the indoor theme park which is the only and biggest indoor theme park in Indonesia. Most people come to Trans Studio simply to try this indoor theme park. This shopping mall is open from 10 am to 10 pm. However if you wish to go to the theme park, the best time to come here would be fore 9 am as the queue to buy the ticket is usually already very long even before the ticket counter is open at 10 am. And as the entrance ticket to the theme park is higher on the weekends and national holidays, it would be better to come here on the weekdays.

For those who wish to stay close to this place, you can also stay in one of the two hotels available here, which is Trans Luxury Hotel (5-star) and Ibis Trans Studio hotel (3-star).

Strawberry Shopping

If you happen to go to Ciwidey, or your Bandung tour package includes the visit to the White Crater, take your time to buy some strawberries at the stalls at the White Crater area. You can find not only fresh strawberries, but also many other products made of strawberries such as strawberry cracker, candy, jam, and many more. Fresh strawberries are not only found in the White Crater area, but also at many other stalls at the road side leading to this place. It is because there are quite a number of strawberry fields in this area. And there are also a number of places nearby which allow the visitors to choose and pluck the strawberries directly from the plant.

Most people prefer to buy strawberries from this area as they are larger than those found at northern part of Bandung near Tangkuban Perahu.



Other than shopping, you might ask about what to do in Bandung. Well, below are some of the most popular tour packages that you can choose:

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