Tangkuban Perahu Volcano Bandung Indonesia

Location of Tangkuban Perahu Volcano

Being the most popular volcano in West Java Province, Tangkuban Perahu has been visited by thousands of foreign and domestic visitors for decades. Located at around 30 kilometers at northern Bandung, this volcano can be reached within 1-hour drive from the city of Bandung. This volcano is one of the 127 active volcanoes in Indonesia with its last eruption was in 2015.


Weather at Tangkuban Perahu

With an altitude of more than 2,000 meters above sea level, the temperature on top of the volcano is cooler than that of downtown Bandung area. However when the sun is shining brightly, especially in the morning to afternoon time, we can easily get sun burn and therefore it’d be highly recommended that you apply some sunblock onto your skin prior to going to the volcano. On the other hand the temperature can drop significantly when it’s raining hence it’d be better if you bring your jacket and raincoat along. Bringing your umbrellas is also a good idea which you can use when the day is bright or rainy. However when you forget to bring an umbrella when it rains at the volcano, you can also rent umbrella from the local at Rp 10,000 per piece.

Shopping at the Volcano

Says who that you can’t shop at the volcano? Tangkuban Perahu is the only volcano in Indonesia where you can have some shopping. The goods that you can find there are mostly souvenirs such as t-shirts, key chains, fridge magnets, traditional West Javanese musical instrument made of bamboo (called ‘angklung’ in Indonesian), wind chime made of bamboo, accessories (ladies’ handbag, wallet, belt) made of snake skin leather, sulfur powder, wall decorations, many kinds of rocks, and many more.

One important tip before you end up buying anything at Tangkuban Perahu is that you can bargain everything sold there. So don’t hesitate to bargain before you buy anything at the volcano.

Opening Hours of the Volcano

Tangkuban Perahu volcano is open every day from 7 am to 5 pm. However if you plan to visit this volcano on high season such as public holidays or long weekends, make sure that you arrive there at no later than 9 am or you’ll be trapped in a horrible traffic jam that will take you hours just to reach to the top, or worse, all cars are not allowed to go to the top and you have to walk around 1 hour from the ticket counter to the top of the volcano.

Culinary at the Volcano

Feeling hungry or just curious to try local cuisine at the volcano? No worry. There are lots of local, traditional snacks that you can try at the volcano such as the glutinous rice cake, barbequed corn wit butter and chili, fried tofu and banana, and many more.

Other Attractions nearby the Volcano

Been to the volcano and not really interested to go there again? Don’t worry, there are still plenty of Bandung attractions around the area which could be your alternative such as Sari Ater hot spring resort, Lembang floating market, waterfall, Bamboo Village, etc.

So please don’t hesitate to contact us to plan for your Bandung trip itinerary.

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