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Looking for the best and reliable tour and travel Bandung company? How do you know is a travel company is a reliable one? There is one easy aspect you can check to know if the company is a good one or not. If the company uses company name instead of personal or individual name as the beneficiary or the account holder of a bank account, then you can be sure that this one is a fully licensed, professional tour and travel company.

It is because all banks in Indonesia only allow us to open bank account by using company name only if we can present complete legal documents to the bank. So if other travel companies still use individual or personal name as the holder of their bank account, you can be sure that they are not licensed one.

Another way is to check on Google itself. If it ranks quite high on the search engine, then it is because many people have opted for them previously and used their service.

Most tour and travel companies in Bandung need legal document to operate their business and so to prove it is just by asking if their bank’s account holder is under company name or individual name. Also it would be best to pay the deposit via direct bank transfer instead of Western Union as you can only check the name of the account holder by checking their bank account.

Another question that might pop up when you are considering of whether to use a travel agency in your home country (Malaysia or Singapore) or to use a travel company that resides in Bandung. There would be a huge difference of cost if you use the travel company in your home country compared to that in Bandung. It is because as the living cost and salary are much lower here in Bandung than that in Malaysia and Singapore, so the overall tour cost would also be lower if you use the tour and travel company that resides in Bandung. So this would be another advantage of choosing the tour company that is based in Bandung.

All travel companies will ask you to pay a deposit first to secure your tour bookings. However if you are still very doubtful if you can trust a travel company which is not based in your home country, then you’d better choose the travel company which is based in your home country (despite the fact that the tour cost would be much higher than that which is based in Bandung).

tour and travel bandung

tour and travel bandung

Going overseas for holiday is quite fun especially for those who have very hectic lifestyle. However if you have very tight budget for your holiday, then it is very recommended that you choose a tour and travel Bandung company which can assist you plan your trip to Bandung in a very economical way.

So if you are planning to come to Indonesia to have some vacation, don’t  hesitate to let  us plan your Bandung trip.

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