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Looking for Bandung tour package for your holiday in Bandung? Considering of coming to Bandung in the near future yet you are still not very sure of how to arrange a suitable Bandung trip itinerary for your group of family or friends? Or, have you listed several places of interests that you and your family are keen on visiting but not sure if there is enough time to visit all? Do you have limited budget but still want to visit all the most recommended nice places in Bandung? Don’t worry as BandungTrip Tours & Travel has many Bandung tour packages that you can choose, starting from 1-day, 2-day, to 7-day tours packages. We can also provide you fully customized Bandung tour package based on your personal interests and budget. Simply let us know your flight details (arrival time in Bandung and departure time from Bandung), the number of people you are traveling with, the number of children and their ages, and (if you have) the places you wish to include into the itinerary.



3D2N Bandung Tour Package

Your 3D2N Bandung tour package starts immediately upon your arrival at Bandung airport. On day 1 you will visit several of the most famous shopping places in Bandung such as Riau and Dago shopping street where you can find many factory outlets. Other alternative shopping places that you can visit are Pasar Baru Trade Center, Paris van Java, Trans Studio, and Cihampelas Walk (Ciwalk). Then we will bring you to Satay Building which is the landmark of the city of Bandung. Here you can take some pictures right in front of the building which was built in the 19th century. Other historical places you can visit are the Geological Museum and the Asian African Conference Building.

On day 2 you will visit the most popular volcano in West Java province, which is Tangkuban Perahu volcano. Other recommended places that you can visit on day 2 are the hot spring resort, floating market, tea plantation, and some more shopping activities at the factory outlets.

On day 3 we will bring you to the largest cake shop in Bandung before transferring you to Bandung airport.

4D3N Bandung Tour Package

This 4-day Bandung tour package is more suitable for those who are interested in exploring more of city’s natural beauty in both northern and southern Bandung. In this 4D3N Bandung tour package you will visit Bandung’s most well-known active volcano, the hot spring resort, floating market, tea plantation for some photo taking sessions, the waterfall, forest-look-alike café, bamboo village, the breathtaking White Crater, deer reservation, strawberry farms, and last  but not least, the factory outlets.

However please do not hesitate to let us know should you have other places that you’d like to include within the itinerary based on your flight schedule.

5D4N Bandung Tour Package

If you’re looking for more adventurous type of activities during your holiday in Bandung, then the 5D4N Bandung tour package would suit you best. Just let us know if you’d like to visit more active volcano for some trekking activities, or have some adrenaline rush at the largest indoor theme park (Trans Studio), or try the challenging water rafting in southern Bandung.

For those coming with a large group of people, such as company or school group, you can also take some group activity including flying fox, paintball, or other games especially designed for team building activity  which usually takes place at the pine forests.

6D5N Bandung Tour Package

Are you an adventure seeker, nature lover and shopping enthusiast? Then this 6D5N Bandung tour package could fulfill your interests for more adventures in the city of Bandung. You can visit The Safari Park at Puncak, the largest zoo in southeastern Asia, where you can find many exotic animals, which come not only from Indonesia, but also from many parts of the world. As one of the most popular destinations among nature lovers, this is a must-visit place if you love sightseeing and natural beauty.

Other places that you can include are another active volcano in Garut city, which is around 2.5-hour drive from Bandung. Unlike Tangkuban Perahu volcano, this volcano offers you a different kind of exotic beauty which is still ‘untouched’ and more natural. You can also visit the Cangkuang temple and enjoy the lovely traditional kampong view with a lake and paddy field. All these places are simply some of the most well-known natural beauties in the area.

7D6N Bandung Tour Package

This is the most complete Bandung tour package which you can get all the very best of the city. You will not only visit the city of Bandung, but you will also visit the most recommended tourist attractions in the neighboring cities, such as Puncak, Ciwidey, and Garut. This special package includes not only sightseeing activities and culture experience, but also shopping at many famous factory outlets. For those interested in attending culture performances, then you can include the visit to the angklung show within the itinerary.

As we organize private Bandung tours, you can let us know all the lists of places that you wish to include and let us arrange the rest! All of our Bandung tour packages are fully customized based on your personal interest and budget. Even if your arrival and departure is from Jakarta airport, we can arrange to have you picked up from Jakarta and transfer you back to the airport in Jakarta.

Our Bandung tour packages include airport to hotel return transfer (from either Bandung or Jakarta), accommodation (hotel), meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and admission tickets to attractions places. We cater Bandung tour packages for both small and large groups (up to 200 persons or even more). For those honeymooners, we also have special Bandung honeymoon packages which are also available from 3D2N to 7D6N tour package.

So what are you waiting for? Just contact us right now and tell us what you have in mind for your holiday in Bandung and let us arrange everything else for you. As the leading tour and travel agency in the city, BandungTrip is more than eager to be part of your memorable vacation in Bandung!

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