1-day Bandung Heritage Trip

1-Day Bandung Heritage Trip Itinerary

If you are planning to have a 1-day Bandung trip which allows you to enjoy more of traditional side of Bandung, and not really into shopping, then the following itinerary could be your consideration:

  • Pick up from the hotel (at downtown Bandung)
  • Visit the Asian African Conference museum
    The Asian African Conference museum building is one of the historical buildings in Bandung. The building was used during the Asian African Conference back then in April 18-24, 1955. Inside we can still find the actual furniture and other appliances (such as the typewriter that was used to type the memorandum and other important documents) that were used during the conference. There are also lots of pictures taken during the event as well as all the 55 flags belonging to each participant country.
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Across this museum you can also visit another historical building, which is Savoy Homann Hotel. This hotel was the place where the Asian African Conference delegation stayed during the event. This was also the very same hotel which was used during the second and third Asian Summit which was held in Bandung. The hotel still preserves the entire building and everything inside is still very well maintained.

  • Visit Braga Street
    Braga Street was known as the promenade street in Bandung during the Dutch Colonialism era. It was the area where most Dutch people would hang out at the nearby cafes to drink some tea or coffee or had some lunch at a restaurant there.
    If you visit Braga Street today, you can still come to the café where the Dutch people used to hang out, and try local snacks which are made based on the original Dutch recipes. Or you can simply sit on the old chair that has been there for decades or take some lovely pictures together with the old appliances which are still well maintained such as the old radio, cash register, scale, etc. Instead you can also have lunch at one of the oldest restaurant on Braga Street and try the Indonesian-Dutch fusion meals.
    If you are into paintings, then you should also come to Braga Street and take a look at hundreds of beautiful paintings at different sizes and prices sold there. On this street you can also find a number of antique shops where you can find many types of antique goods sold at bargaining prices.
  • Visit Saung Angklung Udjo
    Your next visit would be to see the angklung performance at Saung Angklung Udjo at eastern Bandung. Here you can see some local art performances from West Java province, such as the puppet show, local dance and song, as well as angklung, which is the traditional musical instrument from West Java.
  • Dinner at The Stone Cafe

At the end of your Bandung trip you will visit one of the most famous cafes in northern part of Bandung. This is the café where people would come to have dinner as well as enjoying the Bandung’s night city view. For those who love live music performance, you can also come here to enjoy their music while having dinner at the same time.

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