Bandung Airport

How far is the Bandung airport to the city center? How to go to the city center from Bandung airport? What are the facilities I can find at Bandung airport? These are the popular questions that most people ask about the airport in Bandung.

Unlike in Jakarta and many other places, the airport in Bandung is located within the city center itself so it takes you almost no time to go to the airport from your hotel or villa in Bandung. Normally if your hotel is also located within the city center, it takes roughly around 20 to 30 minutes to reach the airport within normal traffic.

There are many good facilities you can find at Bandung airport such as toilets, cafeteria, canteens, restaurants, money changers, hotspot area, and many more. Actually the building at the airport in Bandung is newly built so everything is still brand new.

There are many ways to reach downtown Bandung from Bandung airport, but the most convenient way would be to ask the travel agency to pick you up at the airport so that you don’t need to worry anything about paying for the parking, airport’s extra charges, and any other charges that you might have to pay if you decide to hire a local taxi to bring you to downtown area.

For those who plan only to stay for 2D1N in Bandung but still want to join the Bandung volcano tour, then it is still possible to start the tour immediately on condition that you arrive at Bandung airport before noon. It is because the volcano itself is closed at 5 pm and it takes time for your to clear the custom at the airport. Not to mention the traffic jam that might have on the way from the airport to the Tangkuban Perahu volcano. But if you don’t wish to visit the volcano but only visit the floating market Lembang, then it is still possible for you to go there as the market is closed at 8 pm every day.

So if you want to take the 1-day Bandung trip package, it would be best that you arrive at the airport in the morning so in order to do that you’ll have to choose the morning flight which arrives in Bandung at 8 am.

There are so many activities you can do here in Bandung. If you have a 4-day holiday, you can also choose the 4D3N Bandung shopping trip, or join the Bandung golf package. Sightseeing is a must in Bandung, but shopping is another interesting experience you can do in Bandung too. Nicknamed as the Paris van Java by the Dutch, the city has gained popularity not only among the foreigners but also among the people from Jakarta who always flock to Bandung on every holiday season. So the best time to come here would be on the weekdays and not the weekends.

So if you plan to come to Bandung, don’t hesitate to let us plan your Bandung trip package.

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