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Top 10 Bandung Food That You Must Try

Looking forward to trying local food in Bandung? Not really sure which ones are the recommended ones and which ones are not so popular? There are so many good food and drinks to try in Bandung, however it’s nearly impossible that you’ve got all the time to try it all. If you plan to stay in Bandung for only a short while, maybe for only 3 or 4 days, we don’t think you’ll have enough time to try all the good, recommended food in Bandung city. So the question is now, which one(s) are the must-try food in Bandung then? Read on, and you’ll know the answer…

  1. Sweet Martabak

    Unlike the ones that you’ve tried in Singapore or Malaysia, the martabak from Bandung is uniquely different. Basically there are 2 types of martabak in Bandung, the sweet one and the salty one. So which ones are nicer? To tell you the truth, both are equally fantastic! Let’s just start with the sweet version. The sweet martabak from Bandung is quite thick, almost looks like a giant pancake. Its basic ingredients are flour, yeast, butter, eggs, sugar. Later after they cook the basic ingredient, they put some toppings on top, ranges from sugar, chocolate, grated roasted peanut, grated cheese and milk. However you can choose your own toppings such as raisins, bananas, durian (sometimes) and many more. Price starts at around Rp 25,000.

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  3. Salty Martabak

    The salty martabak is made from eggs and lots of spring onions and corned beef or chicken (depending on your personal taste). They later serve it with chili sauce and pickle. Great for rice companion, too. Price starts at around Rp 25,000.

  4. Nasi Liwet

    Nasi liwet is similar to nasi lemak in Malaysia. However there is a slight difference in the ingredients that the rice even smells so nice that you’ll ask for more! Nasi liwet is served together with grilled or fried chicken, salted fish, raw vegetables, and chili.

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  6. Deep Fried Flying Gourami Fish

    The gourami fish is almost available in most restaurants in Bandung. It’s because the city of Bandung is quite far from the sea that the most popular fresh water fish on the menu is gourami. However the way they cook and serve deep fried flying gourami fish is so amazingly smart that makes it tastes so delicious!

  7. Bakso Malang

    ‘Bakso’ literally means ‘meat balls’. This dish is so popular that you can find it in some restaurants, hawker centers, and street vendors.

  8. Rujak (or rojak)

    Our rujak from Bandung tastes different from the one in Singapore and Malaysia as we usually don’t put shrimp paste in it, but instead we put brown sugar and peanuts into the ingredients that makes it tastes different.

  9. Gado-gado

    Gado-gado is another popular dish in Indonesia. It’s originally from Jakarta, but so far the recipe has had several versions.

  10. Fried Rice

    CNN once categorized fried rice or nasi goreng as one of the most delicious food in the world. Now there are so many versions of fried rice in Bandung. But the most common one is ‘nasi goreng kampung’. This type of fried rice is so popular that you can find it easily almost everywhere in Bandung, including at the Floating Market, street vendor, restaurants, cafes, even at hawker centers. Price starts at Rp 10,000 per portion.

  11. Chicken porridge

    Chicken porridge is a very popular and cheap breakfast not only in Bandung, but in other cities on Java. Price starts at Rp 7,000 per portion.

  12. Rendang

    This is another top dish according to CNN. It’s originally from West Sumatra, but it has gained popularity in throughout Indonesia. You can easily find it at many Padang restaurants scattered around the city.

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