Bandung Hotel

There are so many hotels in Bandung now that you can choose. It is because tourism is developing very fast in Bandung and so many investors start investing their money in building new hotels and villas in the city of Bandung.

Some of you might ask where the best location for a hotel in Bandung is. Well, the answer really depends on a lot of things. If going shopping is the last time that comes to your mind and if you like sightseeing and enjoying nice natural view, then you should stay at Padma Hotel. If you are into shopping so much, then you should stay at a place which is located within walking distance to the factory outlets. If you come with kids who want to have a ride at Trans Studio, then you should stay within the complex of Trans Studio itself.

And if you are a budget traveler who like shopping as well, then you should choose a hotel which is located very close to Pasar Baru Trade Center. For those who enjoy staying at a suburb or country side, then you should consider staying at Lembang or even Ciwidey area. For those who want to stay in cooler temperature with breathtaking scenery or want to take the Bandung volcano tour, then staying in Maribaya could be your best bet.

Below are some useful information if you are looking a hotel in Bandung, Indonesia:

  • Beware of some hotels which look nice on the building and reviews, but they seem to have low occupancy rate or their room rate seems unbelievably low compared to other hotels of similar class in Bandung. This is due to the notorious incidents that have happened here that not many people are aware of, only the hotel staffs who are present at the time of the incidents are aware of such incidents. But if you are a free thinker and not a superstitious one, then you do not need to worry about this issue at all. You might want to check online any incidents involving a hotel you plan to stay in Google.
  • The surrounding of the hotel is also something you must put into consideration. We can never find any reviews on a hotel anywhere regarding their environment problems. Is it safe to walk around your hotel at night? If there are many small alleys at the back of your hotel, would it be a safe environment either? All reviews on the internet are mostly written by foreigners who are not at all aware of these critical issues. Only the locals do.
  • A Bandung hotel should be clean and affordable. So if you want to stay in a good one, make sure that you stay in downtown area. Avoid choosing a lodge which is located in a country side. You also have to consider the traffic jam that might affect your hotel area as this can waste your valuable time if there is such issue in your hotel area.
Bandung hotel

Bandung hotel

Happy holiday and plan your Bandung trip wisely.


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