Bandung Indonesia

Bandung Indonesia

Bandung, Indonesia, is the capital of West Java. Located around 768 meters above sea level, the city has cooler temperature compared to any other big cities in Indonesia. As the third largest city in Indonesia, and only located 180 kilometers south east of Jakarta, Bandung has been one of the most popular holiday destinations among the Jakarta travelers, making it very crowded on every holiday season. And the ease of access to Bandung by flight from Malaysia and Singapore has made it another popular tourist attraction among the Singaporeans and Malaysians.

Bandung was once the Dutch’s resort city where luxurious hotels, restaurants, and boutiques were built, hence it was nicknamed Paris van Java, or, Paris of Java. Until now we can still see lots of historical buildings around the city which still maintain Dutch architectural design which is also called art-deco style.

Despite the fact that it is located only within 3-hour driving from Jakarta, the people in Bandung still preserve the traditional values, and the innovation and creativity have made the city even more and more interesting and attractive to visitors. And thanks to more direct flights from many big cities to Bandung, including from Denpasar, Medan, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur, which contribute to the increasing number of domestic and foreign tourists each year, even approaching 6 million in mid of 2017!

What to find in Bandung, Indonesia

For those who have never been to Bandung, you might question what attractions the city has. As one of the most popular holiday destinations in Indonesia, the city has so much to offer, starting from sightseeing, shopping, adventure, to romantic dining on the hill top.

If you are a nature lover, there are so many things you can see in Bandung, such as the active volcanoes, craters, hot spring, waterfall (nearly 87 meters in height), tea plantation, and many more. And for shopaholics, you wouldn’t miss a chance to shop till you drop in Bandung! Simply hop from one factory outlet to another, or test your bargaining skills in the open market, and you can bring home lots of special items you can’t find anywhere else in the world. And if you are into culinary, then you must definitely come to Bandung. The city has so many good food and drinks you must try. You can go to northern area where you can find the one and only barbequed sticky rice cake which will make you crave for more. Or, you can stroll along the street on Sunday morning around Gasibu to find hundreds of street food. However if you like arts, then you must spare some time to come to Braga street where you can find lots of arts and antique goods as well as collectible items, all at bargaining prices. Or, try to spare some time to see the angklung performance of which tinkling sounds will create a sense of peace in your heart.

Bandung is also considered a romantic place to visit. So if you plan to have your honeymoon in the near future, don’t hesitate to include the city of Bandung into your consideration.

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