4D3N Bandung Tour

4D3N Bandung Tour Highlight

Our 4D3N Bandung tour covers both the northern and southern area of Bandung. The places covered in the itinerary are considered the most popular ones, including the volcanoes, hot spring resort, waterfall, shopping, historical buildings, and many more. Bandung airport to hotel return transfer is also included within the package.

Upon picking you up at Bandung airport, we proceed with the tour by exploring the northern part of Bandung. You will also have a chance to have lunch or dinner at forest-look-alike café. On the second day of the tour we will amaze you even more by taking you to the other part of the northern area by visiting the hot spring, floating market, civet coffee farm, and the famous Tangkuban Perahu volcano. Shopping at the factory outlets will also be included. On the third day we will accompany you to explore the southern part of Bandung where you will visit another active volcano popular for its stunning natural beauty and some fresh strawberry shopping and another shopping trip to factory outlets. On the fourth day we will bring you to the largest cake shop in Bandung before transferring you back to Bandung airport.

4d3n bandung tour | Bamboo Village

4D3N Bandung Tour Package Itinerary

Day 1: Bandung airport pick up – Bandung Sightseeing – Bandung City Tour

  • Airport pick up
  • Satay Building
    After we pick you up at Bandung airport, we’ll bring you to Satay building where you can take some pictures around this iconic Bandung’s most popular landmark.
  • Forest-look-alike café
    If you arrive in Bandung in the morning, then you’ll have a chance to stop by at this forest café which is one of the must-visit places in Bandung. This is the place where you can have some lunch or dinner amidst the natural, traditional environment.
  • Rainbow waterfall
    As the highest waterfall in Bandung, this place has attracted many tourists almost every day, especially on holiday seasons.
  • Bamboo Village
    This place is a newly opened resort which has gained popularity among the country’s best photographers and selfie enthusiasts due to the beautiful scenery inside.
  • Hotel check-in
    At the end of the tour we will bring you to the hotel for checking in.


Day 2: North Bandung City Tour


  • Civet coffee farm
    The second day of your Bandung tour will start by visiting the civet coffee farm. This is the recommended place where you can learn the complete process of how to produce the famous civet coffee. You can also try how it tastes and even take picture with the cute civet.
  • Tangkuban Perahu volcano
    Your next stop will be Tangkuban Perahu volcano which is one of the most famous volcanoes in Indonesia.
  • Sari Ater hot spring resort
    Being the most popular hot spring resort in the area, this is the place where you can soak in the hot, natural, sulfuric water which is believed to be beneficial for skin health.
  • Floating Market in Lembang
    After having some lunch at a nearby restaurant, the next place we’re going to visit is the floating market where you can try local, traditional food at affordable price, or simply relax by the lake, or simply have some sightseeing.
  • Shopping at factory outlets
    Your Bandung trip wouldn’t be complete without visiting the most well-known factory outlet in Bandung, which is Rumah Mode factory outlet.
  • Back to the hotel
    We’ll transfer you back to the hotel after having dinner at a local restaurant.

Day 3: South Bandung City Tour

  • White Crater
    The White Crater is the first place to visit on day 3. Located at the southern part of Bandung, this place has attracted many domestic and foreign tourists for decades due to its wonderful natural beauty. The crater itself is located within Patuha volcano, which can be reached around 2 to 2.5 hours within normal traffic. Unlike Tangkuban Perahu that you have visited the day before, this volcano offers you a totally different kind of natural scenery with its lake that can change color from greenish to bluish.
  • Strawberry Farm
    Another popular tourist attraction in south Bandung is the strawberry farm where we can pick fresh strawberries direct from the plants.
  • Ranca Upas Deer Reservation
    This is the place where you can see how the local deer are well taken care of by the locals. Here you’ll also get a chance to feed them or simply take some pictures with them.
  • Shopping at factory outlets in Bandung
    After taking some lunch at a local restaurant, we’ll take you back to downtown Bandung where you can continue your shopping spree at a different factory outlet area.
  • Back to the hotel
    We will take you back to the hotel after dinner.

Day 4:  Bandung City Tour – airport

  • Hotel check out
  • Kartika Sari Cake Shop
    If you still have some time, we can drop by at Bandung’s largest cake shop before proceeding to Bandung airport.
  • Transfer to Bandung airport

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