6D5N Puncak Bandung Tour

6D5N Puncak Bandung Tour Highlight

Our 6D5N Puncak Bandung Tour Package is suitable for those who are eager to explore more about the city of Bandung and its neighboring cities, including Ciwidey and Puncak. In order to save time, we’d strongly recommend that you arrive at and depart from Bandung International Airport rather than at Jakarta International Airport.

The places you’ll visit in this tour package is similar to that of 5D4N Bandung tour with an additional trip to Puncak, Bogor, which is located between Bandung and Jakarta.

6d5n bandung puncak tour

6D5N Puncak Bandung Tour Itinerary

Day 1: Bandung airport pick up + Bandung city tour

  • Pick up from (Bandung) Husein Sastranegara International Airport.
    Meet and greet with our representative and proceed with the Bandung city tour.
  • Satay Building.
    This colonial building will be our first stop of the day. Feel free to take pictures around the building which is also known as the landmark of the city.
  • Asian African Conference Building (Museum).
    Our next stop is at another historical building which is located right in the heart of Bandung where a historical meeting among many Asian and African leaders was held in April 1955. There is also a hotel just within walking distance to this museum where some of the delegations stayed during the conference.
  • Dinner at a local restaurant.
    Dinner will be served at a local restaurant.
  • Hotel check in.

Day 2: North Bandung Tour

  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • Civet coffee farm.
    Our second day will start by visiting the civet coffee farm at north Bandung. Here we can learn about the whole process of how to produce the famous civet (or ‘luwak’ in Indonesian) coffee. You will also get a chance to take picture with the cute civet on your shoulder.
  • Sari Ater hot spring resort.
    As the most famous hot spring resort in Bandung, this is the place where you can relax while soaking in the hot sulfuric water at the temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. If you like, you can also ask for leg and back massage from local masseurs available in the area.
  • Lunch will be served at a local restaurant.
  • Floating Market.
    This tourism object is very family friendly as we can find all sorts of entertainment for all ages here. For culinary lovers, this is the perfect place to try almost all kinds of street food available in the city with very affordable price. And for those who love water sports, here you can also try kayaking or canoeing at the local lake. Last but not least, for those who are into shopping, you can also start shopping in this place as you can find batiks, souvenirs, handicrafts, snacks, and many more.
  • Shopping at factory outlets.
  • Dinner will be served at a nearby restaurant.


Day 3: South Bandung Tour

So basically the itinerary for day 3 is similar to that for 4D3N Bandung Trip Itinerary.

  • White Crater
    After breakfast we will visit the White Crater (or ‘Kawah Putih’ in Indonesian) which is located in southern Bandung.
  • Strawberry shopping.
    Here we can also try local strawberries at the local stalls or at the farm where we can pick fresh strawberries direct from the plant.
  • Stop by at the local tea plantation.
    The tea plantation in south Bandung is considered much more beautiful than that in north Bandung. This tea plantation is also very popular among the country’s top photographer. Tourists of all ages always spare some time to visit this place after they go to the White Crater.
  • Lunch will be served at a nearby restaurant.
  • Factory outlet shopping.
  • Dinner at a nearby restaurant.
  • Transfer to the hotel.

Day 4: Puncak Tour

  • Full day tour to the Safari Park at Puncak, Bogor.
    After breakfast, we go directly to the Safari Park which is located at Puncak, Bogor. On the way, you might want to take a break to buy barbequed corn or just take some pictures at another picturesque Indonesia’s largest tea plantation.

Day 5: Bandung City Tour

  • Rainbow waterfall.
    Our first stop for day 5 is Rainbow waterfall, which is the highest waterfall in Bandung.
  • Bamboo Village.
    Our next stop is the lovely Bamboo Village which you can reach within 5 minutes from the waterfall. This is the place where you can take more pictures either by the lake or the giant bird nests, or at the flower park within the area.
  • Forest-look-alike café.
    As the most popular café in Indonesia, this is one of the must-visits place if you come to Bandung.
  • Shopping at Paris van Java, Trans Studio, and other factory outlets.

Day 6: Hotel to Bandung airport

  • Check out of the hotel.
  • Bandung’s largest cake shop.
    Visit Kartika Sari where you can find many sorts of Bandung’s most popular cakes, including traditional ones, layer cakes, brownies, crackers, and many more.
  • Transfer to Bandung’s airport.

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