Bandung Travel Guide

Bandung Travel Guide

As the leading travel agency in Bandung, Bandung Trip always strives for the best to always provide the most up-to-date Bandung travel guide for all of our customers. Below are the most recent and useful guides for your trip to Bandung:

  1. The city of Bandung
    You might not know much about the city of Bandung, Indonesia. And you might even wonder if it’s got something to do with Bandung syrup or mee Bandung. Actually it’s got nothing to do at all with those two things. Well, before you go to Bandung, it’d be better to know just a little bit about the city called Bandung, its people, and culture. It’d also be interesting to know why many people keep coming back to Bandung, or, what the city has to offer that has attracted many domestic and foreign travelers to visit this city.
  2. Bandung Airport
    If you’re considering whether to arrive at Jakarta airport or Bandung airport, then Bandung airport should be your choice. It’s because if you choose to arrive at Jakarta airport, you won’t have much time to explore Bandung because of the travel time in between the two cities which take at least 3 hours (one way). And it can take much longer than that if you’re traveling during the weekends or holiday season. And what about airport tax? Don’t worry. There is no more airport tax in Bandung
  3. Bandung Shopping Tips
    Many travelers come to Bandung for shopping. It’s because there are so many shopping places you can choose, starting from the factory outlets, shopping malls, and last but not least, shopping in the open market which could be the most adventurous of all. However there are some shopping tips that you need to know before you really hit the road. You need to know which area you should go to, which factory outlets you should visit, the kinds of products sold at each of those places, and many more.
  4. Bandung Attractions
    The increasing number of tourists that come to Bandung has also boosted the number of attractions around the city. Visitors are now pampered by so many choices they have. This is the reason why the city gets crowded during holiday seasons. There are so many attractions you can go to in both northern and southern Bandung. You can go either to the volcano, hot spring resort, waterfall, floating market, crater, rabbit farm, strawberry farm, and many more. For those who are into shopping, there are so many places you can go to for shopping, starting from the open market, factory outlets, to shopping malls.
  5. How to Get to Bandung
    There are several choices of how to come to Bandung. The best way would definitely by direct flight to Bandung from either Singapore or Kuala Lumpur. However on several occasions sometimes the direct flight to Jakarta is cheaper than that to Bandung. So if you happen to land in Jakarta first, you can come to Bandung by either train (takes around 3 hours) or shuttle bus (takes around 4 hours).

If you feel that planning a holiday in Bandung seems to be too complicated, then let us organize your whole Bandung tour itinerary.

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