Jakarta to Bandung Tour

Jakarta to Bandung Tour

Interested in taking our Jakarta to Bandung tour? Wondering how the biggest city in Indonesia looks like? Then this Jakarta Bandung travel package might suit you best. This holiday package doesn’t require you to stay for too long in Indonesia. Even a 3D2N stay in both Jakarta and Bandung can still enable you to visit the most popular places in both of these wonderful cities.

Jakarta to Bandung Tour Highlight

This holiday package will include the visit to:

  • The National Monument
    Situated right in the heart of Jakarta, this monument was built more than 50 years ago to commemorate the struggle for Indonesian independence. With the height at 132 meters, this tower has been the icon of Jakarta and the magnet for thousands of visitors during holiday season.
  • The Old City
    Not too far from the National Monument, there is another interesting site at West Jakarta which has been preserved as one of the Indonesia’s heritage, which is the Old City. Here the visitors can enjoy the golden memories during the Dutch colonialism era.
  • Mangga Dua Shopping
    If you are into shopping, then you must definitely include the visit to one of the largest shopping places in Indonesia, which is also situated at West Jakarta.
  • Tangkuban Perahu Volcano
    As one of the most popular tourist destinations in West Java province, this active volcano has attracted thousands of visitors on every weekend and holiday season.
  • Floating Market
    This is another popular family friendly tourist attraction in north Bandung where you can enjoy sightseeing and nature while enjoying local food sold at the same time.
  • Hot Spring Resort
    Your visit to Bandung wouldn’t be complete without visiting Sari Ater hot spring resort where you can truly relax while soaking in the hot sulfuric water which is believed to be beneficial for health.

Jakarta to Bandung Tour FAQs

Q: Which airport should I arrive at and depart from?
A: If you’re considering only a 3-day stay in Indonesia, then in order to save a lot of traveling time between Jakarta and Bandung and vice versa, it’d be best if you arrive in the morning in Jakarta and depart in the afternoon or evening from Bandung airport. However if you plan to stay longer (say 4 or 5 days), then arriving at and departing from Bandung airport would be the best choice instead of Jakarta airport.

Q: How long does it take to travel from Jakarta to Bandung?
A: Usually it takes at least 3 hours (within normal traffic) from Jakarta to Bandung and vice versa.

Q: When is the best time to take this Jakarta Bandung tour package?
A: Due to the massive number of Jakarta travellers during holiday season, we’d strongly recommend that you avoid traveling between Jakarta and Bandung on the weekends and any holiday seasons.

Q: How many days should I stay in Indonesia if I wish to visit both Jakarta and Bandung?
A: Even a 3D2N is enough for you. However in order to avoid a sense of rush, the ideal time to visit both of these two cities would be 5D4N.

Jakarta to Bandung Tour

For more information regarding our Jakarta Bandung tour package, please check out our itinerary below:




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